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Disclaimer:  These are the inane ramblings of a Senior Academic Developer, all views are my own.  Sources are referenced, errors are all mine.   I am a Senior Academic Developer in HE, I have a wide range of professional interests,... Continue Reading →

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The impact of culture on advising: From elitism to massification, the UK perspective. A thought piece from my lunchtime pondering in the park

I have been looking forward to reading the forthcoming book on personal tutoring models by McIntosh, Lochtie, Stork and Walker  (link below) since I pre-ordered it and it set me thinking (as these things do) about advising and tutoring and... Continue Reading →

Inclusivity: What does that mean for you? Take-a-break: A 5 minute discussion point!

There is a lot being written about inclusivity at the moment, but what does inclusivity actually mean?  Much of what I read seems to include an emphasis on students with disabilities. that is brilliant we need that, we all know we... Continue Reading →

The role of parents at open days and managing student expectation.

I have always had mixed views about this – did your parents take you to your open day or did you take them? I think it’s important that we welcome parents and show them that their offspring are goi… Source:... Continue Reading →

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